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ur mouth see Yack-Yack
wotta we ave ere some cheeky yank dont know owda keep (h)is bloody bone box shut ah?
by BaddAssKiwi April 15, 2004
one of few who are brothers and sisters of all ocean dwelling creatures the envy of many a non surfer
WTF is up with land locked ppl trying to dress like surfers its a lifestyle not a fashion statment you nunce
WTF is up with the new generation of surfers where's the soul brah BTW I hate tourists that crowd SoCal beaches and the black ball shite the yanks do here in Nz and Oz we run those bitches over ats wot their there for aint it?
by BaddAssKiwi April 15, 2004
a yellow flag with a solid back circle in the center signifying that the beach is now off limits to hard boards most often because to many stupid ppl are in the water and expect that surfers are paying attention to where they are and not the other way around
the main reason why Huntington Beach surfers hate tourists
by BaddAssKiwi April 15, 2004

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