Simply put, it's Heaven on Earth.
Is this really necessary?
by Turi May 31, 2005
Top Definition
The best part of a child's life.
Do grown ups like it?
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
The best time of anyone's life! Weither you're in first grade,fourth grade,eighth grade,or a college freshman you always look forward to summer vacation!
Fuck school! summer vacation is here!
by DizzyLizzy June 06, 2006
simply put, it is the only thing that people really look forward to in a year other than maybe Christmas and their birthday. The time to sit back, relax, get sunburn, get bitten to death by bugs, go camping and have fun acting 'rustic', and wear nothing and say you wore more. also good for short-lived love.
girl one:hey want to go camping with me?
boy one:sure!
girl two:okay!
girl one:yeah lets get bitten by bugs!
boy one:and skin our knees climbing on rocks!
girl two:and peel off our sunburned skin!
girl one:sounds hot
boy one:like you
girl one:oh stop
boy one:i won't
girl two:what about me?
*boy one and girl one kiss for a looong time as boy one pushes girl two out of picture*
by artichokegal June 07, 2005
The time of year from June to August when you have a lot of weddings, college kids go home to their summer job and the kids go to summer camp. And for the dumber kids, they have to go to summer school.
Summer vacation was the best time of the year for me when I was a kid.
by krock1dk March 18, 2009
The Summer Vacation is the word that describes the "recess" of the students during the summer. However, this word is just the codeword for the loophole teachers get to assign work, so despite popular belief, it's really not a recess at all. Students are just being brainwashed and don't realize they still have school on their summer "vacation."
Student 1: Yes!!! Summer Vacation is here!
Student That Possesses Superior Knowledge: You mean secret summer workload is here?
by jaydawg3000 June 19, 2009
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