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This commonly used acronym is used by melodramatic, unappreciative teenagers who believe they have the worst life in the world, often due to their own actions, when in truth they do not.
Girl: FML I'm studying for a test. My life sucks.

Boy: FML my parents won't buy me a new car. My life sucks.

It: FML my parents took away the cell phone for two days that they pay for because I stole then crashed their car and am failing all my classes because I don't do crap. My life sucks.
by jaydawg3000 June 20, 2009
Julie is the name only given to those who deserve and respect it. There is no
such thing as simply "A Julie," as anyone with the name of Julie deserves
special recognition, because, obviously, it is the best name in the world.
Anyone named Julie should be addressed as "The Julie" because no Julie is
ordinary and each and every Julie is worthy of such a title; their name is
Bystander one: Did you just see that beautiful woman walking?
Bystander two: Yes, it was The Julie
by jaydawg3000 April 30, 2009
Irrefutably the best color in the world. End of story, period. This period signifies the end >.
Purple is the only note-worthy color. The end.
by jaydawg3000 April 28, 2009
Indian girl who has unlimited opportunities to date the "nice" guy but refuses to do so, thus breaking their poor spirits.
Girl: "I just want a nice guy. Do those exist anymore?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, check Aparna's reject pile."
by jaydawg3000 December 02, 2012
Life is a gumball machine because you never know what you are going to get until you open the little door at the bottom, and sometimes it is poop because a homeless guy put poop in the gumball machine.
Victim one: Yay, I got red!
Victim two: My life is better, it's purple!
Victim three: Aw man, I got some poop.
by jaydawg3000 July 02, 2009
Lyrics to The All American Reject's "Gives You Hell." These three words along with other parts of the lyrics are usually a.) sung or b.) whispered creepily in someone's ear. If someone does the latter, they will never regret it and be labeled as the "creeper."
Julie: "When you see my face hope it gives you hell. When you walk my way I hope it GIVES YOU HELL."
by jaydawg3000 May 01, 2009
The Shakespearian way to say Danielle. Danielleths are usually red headed and resond to the name Danipoo. She is straight, but has been know to make girls fall head over heels for her. The song "Jamie All Over" by Mayday Parade is usually associated with her, as she often does the activity in the song very often. Also see: In the Dunes
Danielleth! Come here! Tis necessary for you to meet me in the dunes!
by jaydawg3000 April 30, 2009

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