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Can't tellya
by TanooKirby August 06, 2003
The dumbest shit that think that making people miserable is good when it only makes them look dumber.
The bully gets what he deserves if he gets suspended.
by TanooKirby May 17, 2003
Something you either have been, are, or will be.
Stop fucking adolescents! Look up and you'll know why.
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
A stocky terrestrial marsupial.
Captain lost his leg to a wombat hole.
by TanooKirby June 11, 2003
The best part of a child's life.
Do grown ups like it?
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
The best form of entertainment these days.
People who think that video games cause violence, brainwash people, etc, don't know that they are wrong. Birds are more likely to be bugs.
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
A comic that kicks as much ass as the other comic book I want so much.
Calvin and Hobbes rocks!
by TanooKirby June 01, 2003

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