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a place where parents send their children summer after summer. usually the place where a child experiences their first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, lots of firsts. a place where everyone is your bestfriend, all the counselors are your family, and you trust everyone. a place where there are no secrets, everyone knows everything.
Jenny: What are you up to this summer?
Jenny: Oh. I wish i was going to summer camp.
by foooool May 09, 2006
When a girl or woman allows a man to touch her breasts and/or vagina, but does not have sex with him because she only just met him. The origin is a reference to summer camp experiences where young girls have their first sexual contact.
(Two girls talking) Girl 1: "Hey girl I saw you talking with Oliver at the Bootsy Collins show last night, did you two go all the way?", Girl 2: "Nah, I just let him get some Summer Camp"
by ollie boombayay March 22, 2011

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