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One who steals semen from sperm banks because he/she is a cum guzzling bitch.
Some sick sperm abductors ransacked the local spermatorium.
by RM June 25, 2003
Confucious saying, or chinese proverb.
Man who enters turnstile sideways, is going to bangcock.
by RM January 21, 2004
A person place or thing where incredible amounts of semen are stored (usu. misplaced, ejaculated).
Li'L Kim is a fucking spermatorium.
by RM June 25, 2003
Going out from bar to bar, drinking massive quantities of alcohol and having sex
one: "what are you doing tonight?"
other: "hangin' n bangin'"
by rm December 07, 2004
One who steals glances of other people's penises while they are emptying their bladders.
I saw that cockswindler staring at your dick.
by RM June 25, 2003
Yorkshire term for a penis
Eh up lass, do you fancy sitting on my giggling pin.
by rm May 28, 2004
A rare, four legged carnivorous mammal indigenous to northern New Zealand; normally prized by poachers for it's sleek, leopard-like coat of fur
Tonight on National Geographic, we ride on safari in New Zealand...in search of the elusive Mazingo
by RM April 03, 2003

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