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sweetest, smartest, coolest, most beautiful girl ever.
Oh, Robbin? Yeah I know her! She's beautiful!
by Slashin April 26, 2011
Lovely bird, often used as a sign that Winter is ending and Spring will begin.

Female name, usually meaning the owner is intelligent and mature for her age.
Robbin Molnar.
by AIBaron January 05, 2009
The area between your nuts and ass hole
Dude, you got that whore to lick your Robbins!?! Damn!
by Brittany Ann Daniel August 14, 2008
the act of spreading peanut butter upon ones genitals in order to pursuade an animal, such as a dog, to lick the affected area in order to simulate oral sex.
I'm so horny right now, i think ill get my dog to robbins me
by BlatantDisregard October 07, 2008
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