Hands down the best band I've ever heard. Extremely talented group of musicians who, unfortianately liked drugs a little bit too much.
My favorite sublime songs:
Garden Grove, Jailhouse, Get Ready, Date Rape, Santaria, Burritos, Caress me Down, Smoke Two Joints, Wrong Way, etc.
by Orion October 14, 2004
Although commonly associated as a laid-back, reggae dub band, Sublime's catalog included a great number of more aggressive punk rock and ska songs such as Hope, New Thrash, Date Rape, Paddle Out, and Pool Shark.
Person 1: Put in that Sublime disc, that's good chill music.
Person 2: It's not chill music, you idiot. It's ska, reggae, and punk rock.
by Ghetto Child May 21, 2004
One HELL of a band. Easiy one of the best I've ever heard
Download "what I got". Now.
by Adrian January 15, 2005
the single handed most awesome punk band ever.screw emo because all you need is Sublime.
do i even need an example?!
by Spyral December 08, 2004
the best most talented band ever
Sublime has always been there for me!
by Bad Seec October 25, 2003
Hands down the best band I've ever heard.
Extremely talented group of musicians led by (deceased) Brad Nowell.
My favorite sublime songs:
40 oz. to Freedom, Gretest Hits, Doin' TIme, Garden Grove, Smoke 2 Joints, Badfish, Get Out, Dont Push, 5446/Ball and Chain, DJs, Steppin Razor, Saw Red, Cisco Kid, S.T.P, Boss D.J., Freeway Time in LA COunty Jail, Pool Shark, April 29, 1992, What I Got, Wrong Way, Santeria, Jailhouse, Caress Me Down, Get Ready, Romeo, Ebin, Rivers of Babylon, KRS-One
"Just let the lovin' take ahold"
by Sublime December 18, 2004
1. Characterized by nobility; majestic.
a. Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.
b. Not to be excelled; supreme.
2. Inspiring awe; impressive.
3. One of the greatest bands to come out of the ska revival era of the early nineties. Hailing from Long Beach California, sublime infused a mixture of hip - hop, punk rock, ska, reggae, and dub tones to make an entirely unique sound. Tragically, before the band was mature enough to experience its true fame, and be revaealed to the fanbase that it has today the lead singer (Bradley Nowell) was found dead in his L.A. Hotel after overdosing on heroin. Some of my favorite songs include, (April 29th 1992, Badfish, Caress Me Down, DJ's, Don't Push, Eye of Fatima, No Woman No Cry, I've Seen Better Days, Rivers of Babylon, Scarlet Begonias, and Doin' Time). Honestly, listen to them because they will change the way that you listen to music...
You better be strapped with the gat
If you wanna walk with me
Bound to come down With the new stylie, Rockin rubadub know as reggae music
Gotta come down with some new lyrics
by Shonyaey March 01, 2005

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