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Someone who has to look up "stupid" in the dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You are stupid.
by Janis June 25, 2004
Someone who searches this word up is literally fucking stupid
-Hey U are a Stupid Donkey!!
by Sneaky Narwhales October 28, 2015
One who has to look stupid in the dictionary.
Idiot: What does stupid mean?
by DefinitionWriterSauce August 25, 2012
Excessivly awesome.
dude, the padres are stupid. i cant wait to go to the game tomorrow.
by (DJ)Shank June 26, 2011
pronounced stoo-pid
acting dumb. someone who isn't smart.
Look in the mirror and you'll see someone stupid
by funnyyo January 24, 2011
A girl named Aleisha who is a pregnant teen and the father of her baby is a 21 year old so it's classified as pedophelia. Someone who has pregnancy cravings such as intercourse with horses. Her only come backs are wtf and f*ck off and they are usally presented in the form of spam. A paricite who has great dificulty keeping their legs shut, breeds like a rabbit and sucks all the money out of people while she does nothing to earn it or deserves it. Someone who has migrated across country after being kicked out of it's natural habitat. Someone who can't use basic english and grammer.
Aleisha: wtf u cant even make sense.
Me: Wow you are stupid.
by Smart Ass96 November 05, 2010
When you are to dumb to know what dumb is, so you look it up in this dictionary.
Guy: You know that kid named Richard?
Girl: YEA! he's stupid
by NEHigg July 18, 2010
it like sayin sumthin is crunk, cool, clean, tight, etc.
Yo that was stupid funny.
by jackie December 28, 2004

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