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the adjective equivalent to being extremely awesome
Hey Dana and Joel! I just jumped out of an airplane and landed at the end of the rainbow where i found a pot of gold. It was stupid!!!! turns out it was just chocolate loonies, but I was really hungry, so it was still stuuuupid!!
by commencer extrodinaire November 25, 2010
13 15
One who has to look stupid in the dictionary.
Idiot: What does stupid mean?
by DefinitionWriterSauce August 25, 2012
3 6
adverb. Extremely. Sometimes used in place of "a large amount."
Chick 1: You look STUPID cute, guuurl.

Dude 1: Wanna go watch General Hospital?
Dude 2: I'd love to, but I have a stupid amount of work to do.
by annitabonita November 19, 2010
2 5
it's either of three (if only):
1. stupid (thing) - when someone finds something difficult to comprehend;
2. stupid (person) - same as above;
3. stupid (situation) - as before but see below.
- I can't understand how people can live in temperatures below zero. It's just stupid! For me 'zero' is too cold!
- I think it's just you who's stupid here if you can't understand that!
- No! This whole conversation is just stupid! (meaning how could it be that it's 'just' me?)
by p0p0p March 18, 2010
3 6
pronounced stoo-pid
acting dumb. someone who isn't smart.
Look in the mirror and you'll see someone stupid
by funnyyo January 24, 2011
1 5
it like sayin sumthin is crunk, cool, clean, tight, etc.
Yo that was stupid funny.
by jackie December 28, 2004
43 47
When someone is convinced to look up the definition of stupid on UrbanDictionary.
P1: "You should look up "Stupid" on UD.
P2: "Oka- awww!"
P1: *Troll face*
by You dumb :P February 20, 2012
2 7