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When your head connects with your desk. Often used in online chat as an expression of frustration or disappointment.
Person 1: Does anyone know the webmaster's email address?
Person 2: Wutz a wbemastr???
Person 1: ....the person who designed this website...
Person 2: o.
Person 2: Wutz a email adress??
Person 1: ..........
Person 1: *headdesk*
by Dotted Line July 14, 2005
1. Unification of ones forehead with a computer desk as a means to vent frustration, often forceful.

2. An expression used in IM to express ones frustration.
1. Dammit! I hate you vista! Why doesn't this work! *headdesk*

2. 'I tried to log in 3 time, but the servers down *headdesk*'
by matthew szwec August 28, 2007
1) The act of head butting a desk/keyboard in frustration when something on the computer freezes/takes forever to load up/generally buggers up.

2) Also done in response to a person making a stupid comment.

3) Can be done when a person sneezes and throws their heads forward onto the desk... it has been done before *whistles innocently*

Also realted to facepalm
1) Person A: I think I will go play Tetris!"
*begins to play game*
*Person A is 1 point away from beating their high score*
*computer crashes*
Person A: "WHAT!? NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! WHY!?" *headdesk*

2) Person B: "Oh My God. It's stopped raining!"
Person C: *headdesk* "It stopped raining 30 minutes ago you idiot!"

3) Person C: "I think I'm going to sneeze"
*Person C sneezes and throws head forward*
*head connects with desk*
by hufwegufgweuygweugfuwegufweg June 18, 2009
The action of slamming your head against a desk, wall, or other hard object because of complete misfortune. Related to facepalm.
The last day before Spring Break, when our teacher said we would have the next five days to complete our assignment I headdesked at the complete stupidity of our teacher.
by Hunterjumperblonde March 28, 2009
the act of hitting your head on a desk from frustration, or pure boredness.
I just head desked myself because I am so bored.

She frustrated me so I did a head desk.
by viva la c-bomb February 11, 2009
Similar to a facepalm, except much more severe. Refers to the action of banging your head against a desk or table.
Girl 1: So I accidentally fell out of a window today...
Girl 2: God you are SUCH a blond. *headdesk*
by BitchandBastard October 14, 2011
When a person becomes so overcome with fangirl delight that they can no longer support the weight of their own head, and it hits a desk or desk-like object.
Mr. X: "Did you see the new Twilight movie?"

Mrs. Y: "Yeah, I headdesked when the guy took his shirt off."
by Coutzy December 08, 2009
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