Bill Maher with his mouth shut.
Obama's new Czar of Stupidity says Stupid says Stupid is Stupid, said Bill Maher with his mouth shut.
by Naturally Insane April 26, 2011
Adj. of Adj.- Used to massively emphasize an adjective with either a positive or negative connotation, or more simply put, really to the power of one million. Usually the loudest word of the sentence.

Common replacements: Crazy, Insane, Wicked, or Mega
-"Hey, girl! You are lookin' stupid sexy tonight!"
-"Dude, you don't even know.... We got stupid wasted last weekend. I woke up the next afternoon witha silver bullet vibrator in my nose."
by ChyknCostume January 20, 2011
George Bush
Seriously, are you stupid? You want an example?
by WeirdF September 25, 2010
Smart Talented Unique People In Demand
Those people are stupid. Let's hire them.
by Mannoroth0913 February 27, 2004
You are the definition. You are stupid for looking this up . You already know the definition of stupid.
You are the example. You are stupid.
by tortillachipsandpoop July 19, 2012
can be used as a verb, for someone who tries to convince you to do something idiotic, because they think you are stupid, or mildly retarded
Last Night....
girl: 'oh, cum in me'
guy: 'what??'
girl: 'cum in me, baby.'
guy: 'yea, uhh, screw that shit!!'

The Next Day....
guy 1: 'man, i need to break up wit this girl.'
guy 2: 'why? what'd she do?'
guy 1: 'dude this girl tried to stupid me into cummin inside her. i told her i aint tryin to have no kids anytime soon.'
guy 2: 'yea, thats some stupid shit right there. you should break it off.'
guy 1: 'shit, i'm already callin.'
by The (D*)Rock Says..... January 05, 2009
Bay Area - a lot of or very, interchangeable with hella
It was stupid people at the party

It's stupid hot today
by that dozen April 30, 2005
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