A person that can only say ignorant shit.
Trisha "Girl you seen Meg's hair today?"
Alice "No why?'
Trisha 'She think she is cute knowing she ain't nothing'
Alice "Trisha, you stupid!'
by Nate15 February 07, 2015
someone who has the ability to think like a three year old
dumb is not as good as being stupid
by BOSSMAN2169 April 15, 2015
Slang: Classic, simple.
That beat is stupid, classic old school shit.
by youtube.com/cyspy January 18, 2010
A Match.com phenomena whereby after viewing an interesting person's profile 23 times and they NEVER view your profile, you send them an e-mail telling them how terrific they are and surprisingly, they never respond.
Charles: I looked at this chick's Match.com profile over 100 times, she never looked at my profile, and now she hasn't responded to my wink, or my three e-mails.

Rayshard: "Man, you are stupid."
by ChumleyTWalrus December 04, 2010
One degree higher than stupid, hence the additional "s"
Now this may sound stupids to you, but I'm an offensive offense guy.
-Bernie Kosar
by jay mcdousche March 09, 2005
adverb. Extremely. Sometimes used in place of "a large amount."
Chick 1: You look STUPID cute, guuurl.

Dude 1: Wanna go watch General Hospital?
Dude 2: I'd love to, but I have a stupid amount of work to do.
by annitabonita November 19, 2010
It is the kid who sits next to you in your math class who has absolutely no idea what he's doing. Also loses the occasional tooth.
Oh my god Micky! You're so stupid!
by Godzeus March 23, 2010

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