to stuff your bra with something to make your breasts look bigger
"Her breasts looked so big, she must have stuffed"
by Mamimi July 22, 2004
Often used in a phrase, "stuffed up" or "stuffin crazy," the word stuffed is used in place of the word Fuck. Therefore, it can take the shape of a verb, noun, adjective, or any other part of speech.
"Yo guys let's get stuffed up!"

"Are you guys stuffin around right now? be serious, like what the stuff guys."
"Yo stuff you!"
"Are you askin to get stuffed in the ass?"
"You motherstuffer..."
by Prince of A-Town February 12, 2010
to be pregnant; with child
that guy last month stuffed me
by rapy January 24, 2005
when someone is high, or has too much to drink, they are stuffed
dude 1: did u see macy last night?
dude 2: oh yea, she was stuffed.
by lilboogy May 30, 2009
The act of eating stuffing then having a women eat your excrement.
I can't believe my boyfriend stuffed me.
by Kevinxsenpai January 25, 2011
To be broken, dead, out of order, not working.
My scanner is stuffed, I need to get it fixed.
by Chloe Elizabeth April 24, 2004
to be exhusted
"i was stuffed after that run"
by Pete January 20, 2004

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