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On a forum, it is changing what another poster said in their own quote brackets and then writing 'fixed' below it. It started out as simply correcting another poster's errors, but now it's all about tweaking their quote to mock them.
Chris: "I like watching the Tour de France."
Chris wrote: "I like perving at the cyclers in their spandex pants."
Bob: Fixed.
by madmaxxx March 12, 2005
Neutered, castrated.
Eunuchs are fixed just like cats and dogs, and you.
by anlx June 15, 2007
When someone looks really good, you say they look fixed
Hey did you see Jamie today?
Yeah she looked real fixed!
by Trixyy April 07, 2011
To become intoxicated with alcohol and/or weed.
"Yo bro, what are you up to?"
"about to get dumb stupid fixed."
by CeE BLaZe May 25, 2007
A word meaning 'to have sufficient money'
'You Kev mate, you fixed for goin' out later?
by Æsop November 06, 2004
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