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large titties
MOM- "glenn, look at the lungs on that girl, i bet she cant see her feet
Son- "MOM!!"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
the art of slappin your hoe
"That one bitch gave me such a bad hummer i had to give her the ol' hoe slapatty tap tap tap"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
bush policy, everything is a war on something
"America, we are fighting a war on -insert anything here-, your tax dollars are useless"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
cops, cops that chase you
"YO homie, this is a 5-0 madd chasers on their way!!"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
short for boom box and or ghetto blaster types of portable stereos.
"my box can make you deaf"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
a day where you get your forehead dirty.
man that priest slipped the old big thumb nose to hair liner. man i look like im black foreheaded
by whymanwhy March 06, 2004
a buch of washed up pussys with lip piecering who moan and shit in their pants singing about how they love 16 year old girls. these guys are amrried and have children yet thy still suck and cry about faggots who have no friends in highschool. they are the lamest of the lame and represent the cookie cutter generation of american youth. stop defending them there just a bunch of butt buddies who like to suck.
man did you hear blink 182's new song i dont wanna brush my teeth, you cant make me!!! yeah its soo gay
by whymanwhy March 09, 2004
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