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An act of putting your nuts in somebodys ass while you have sex with them. In homosexual intercourse it would be having your full penis and nuts inside the anal cavity.
Ex 1 - Mark was "stuffin" adam last night behind the muffler shop

Ex 2 - Glen was stuffin his women last night
by el.harp March 07, 2007
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Hardcore slammin sex with a girl you barely know, followed by a fist gyration which resembles the banging in of a railroad tie, but sideways.
Damn! Did you hear Bill giving Miley stuffins (insert hand gesture here) last night? Woke everyone in the house up!
by Curits House July 23, 2009
A girl that has the complete package
Dude that chick is totally stuffin!
by likeitalot234 May 11, 2010
big butt
that girl got stuffin
by miyrrt6 August 23, 2003

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