A small, red, chode-like penis. It can also imply a penis ridden with herpes or other such STDs. Generally a very undesirable penis to have sexual intercourse with
Example:Don't date Ross, I heard he has a real strawberry if you know what I mean
by stevenquiddy May 05, 2014
1)A type of red fruit.
2)A rather smashing album by the Damned.
1)Yum strawberries
2)strawberries is a good album.
by Omen April 17, 2006
Strawberries are definately the ultimate sex food of all time and forever. Nothing is more sexy than someone eating a strawberry sexily. So take my advice- BRING STRAWBERRIES WHEREVER YOU MAY GO!
"Hey Spence, want a strawberry?"
"Hell ya! I mean strawberries are the ultimate sex food!"
by BRizzle March 14, 2004
A pussy with red pubic hair.
John's after Kathy's strawberry.
by Deep blue 2012 July 12, 2010
Strawberries are the most blissful, optimistic, productive crew. THE STRAWBERRY MAFIA (TSM) is what they are called. Not anyone can become a strawberry. Only the ones you deserve it. You may give them reasons why you want to be one, but not all of them are plausible. So they may belittle you if you are not worthy. You have to be congenial and intriguing in order to be an ultimate strawberry. So if you want to become the best of the best... it's most likely they will reject you with alacrity and call you from then on a dingleberry.
Dingleberry: Hey, can I become an ultimate strawberry???
(TSM): Only if you deserve it. Do you think you are worthy of our ethics?
Dingleberry: Oh most certainly yes!!! I know I am worthy to become part of the Strawberries.
(TSM): Well guess what... Your not!!! HAHA!!! So I suggest you run or something egregious might happen to you.
Dingleberry: AHHHHH!!! Curse you TSM!!!
by Jesse the Strawberry April 11, 2008
The lit embers of a cigarette that falls of while smoking. A strawberry can fall off and burn you hand, arm, leg or surrounding fabrics.

"What happened, man?"
"I dropped a strawberry and burnt my leg!"
"Be careful, bro. You could burn the house down."
by khfshd April 26, 2013
A person who is green with red hair, who reeks of dead mice
I smell dead mice, there must be a strawberry around.
by TomRobinsonsDick February 20, 2010

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