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One of the most popular types of fruit that is used in a lot of different types of foods for flavoring. Such things like candy and ice cream would be a good example.
Everyone seems to like the strawberry flavored foods
by claustrophobic chicken December 18, 2004
121 133
a term reffering more to yaoi, boys, or homosexuals. Describing sexual actions as bitter n' sweet or rough romance. Existing in between Vanilla and BDSM(which are complete opposites.)
"Those two boys looked like they were just making strawberries! let's grab the camera!" screamed the yaoi fangirls!
-strawberry in PDA-
by [lacaramellate] January 29, 2009
33 46
n. A skateboarding term for a large red welt, or asphalt burn.
c.f. ollie, grind, biff
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
66 80
A burn on your body from a floor or something similarly hard.

Sometimes refered to as a Battle Wound.
"I got a huge strawberry from playing Volleyball"
"Dude, I got a strawberry from doing that obstacle course, shit sucks"
by VA'sFinest April 29, 2007
42 58
a young man that stands girls up. more than likely has never kissed a girl. these usually spend most of their time playing video games rather than even pretending to give a shit about their girlfriend. have extremely good bodies and make their girlfriends want them really badly, but usually break their hearts.
I really wanted to see my strawberry tonight, but I guess he's at his house playing call of duty.
by Strawberryless March 01, 2009
12 29
a fruit you eat at college, when you are on the computer.
hey dexter pass me that strawberry so i can focus on my computer applications program.
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
6 27
An errant woman of the night that has sore knees that are pinkish-red from kneeling on cement in the back of alleys conducting business.
Enrique: Damn that chick looks fine! I'm gonna ask for her number!
Carlos: Dont even bother Enrique, can't you see she's a Strawberry?? Come on- look at her knees!
by Miguelito36 September 30, 2005
27 56