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1. a redish berry found in the wild.
2. A type of berry thats closely related to sexual activity.
3. A fruit of Love.
1. The strawberry was found growing in the meadow.

2. Strawberryies are brought out to arouse sexual activity.
by Ernesto February 23, 2005
78 39
The best sex food ever. also eaten with whipped cream!
zach wants to put whipped cream and strawberres all ove my body. thats hott
by Cheerio March 22, 2005
53 35
When a girl with freckles turns red either from being hot, blushing or just has rosey cheeks.
Shes such a strawberry during her workouts.
by p00hbear July 15, 2010
70 54
Tart/sweet berries. Used in Strawberry shortcakes, can be found in domestic, or wild forms.
I don't like strawberries.
by Saints November 10, 2003
34 20
my favorite fruit

its red and has yellow seeds on the outside

it tastes good!:)

i want a strawberry!
by i like strawberries! April 06, 2009
91 84
A small, red, chode-like penis. It can also imply a penis ridden with herpes or other such STDs. Generally a very undesirable penis to have sexual intercourse with
Example:Don't date Ross, I heard he has a real strawberry if you know what I mean
by stevenquiddy May 05, 2014
0 0
Strawberries are the most blissful, optimistic, productive crew. THE STRAWBERRY MAFIA (TSM) is what they are called. Not anyone can become a strawberry. Only the ones you deserve it. You may give them reasons why you want to be one, but not all of them are plausible. So they may belittle you if you are not worthy. You have to be congenial and intriguing in order to be an ultimate strawberry. So if you want to become the best of the best... it's most likely they will reject you with alacrity and call you from then on a dingleberry.
Dingleberry: Hey, can I become an ultimate strawberry???
(TSM): Only if you deserve it. Do you think you are worthy of our ethics?
Dingleberry: Oh most certainly yes!!! I know I am worthy to become part of the Strawberries.
(TSM): Well guess what... Your not!!! HAHA!!! So I suggest you run or something egregious might happen to you.
Dingleberry: AHHHHH!!! Curse you TSM!!!
by Jesse the Strawberry April 11, 2008
19 24