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1) A verb meaning the act of being "chill"
2) An adjective for describing someone who is really cool and better than most.
3) The act of being calm.
4) A verb to describe the best person there is in a situation.
1) "You're pretty cool Pepe, and really chiqui."
2) "That girl is the most chiqui girl I've ever seen."
3) "Dude, good job being so chiqui in this intense situation."
4) "Hey Katie, don't chiqui yourself in your mind."
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
1) a slut whose vagina smells like fish intestines.
Prostitute: "Hey come over here!"
Guy: "No you are a fishy slut!!!!"
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
1)Somone who fucks parties up. They don't pay you for the alcohal, and they smell like a fucking fish dyke.
"That cunt is such a party fucker, she wasn't even invited!"
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
Where the sluts, whores, dumbasses, crackwhores, bitches, hoes, cunts and future prostitutes go to meet new sex partners and fuck the male teacher population.
Grandma: Hey Lucy where do you go to school?
Lucy: Eagle highschool in eagle
Grandma: You fucking whore
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
1) one with big balls

2) a baller
big balled guys are my type
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
usually smells like vagina sweat, women wear it on nights to hope to "get some".
sally wore that XXL thong for jimmy the plummer with the large ass to please him.
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
1) Someone who looks like they fuck 24-7, and is always a loser.

2) An adjective for someone who fucked their life so bad that they are considered "fucked" and losers.

3) An ugly person, usually a bitch, who can't shave their own smelly vagina. So therefor they can't fuck because they are a loser.
" Ew Greg, look at that Fuckface loser over in the corner. She is so ugly that no one wants to fuck anymore because of her loserness."
by brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009

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