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Used to describe a strong alcoholic drink. The more stiff the drink is, the more alcohol there is in it.
Man this drink is fucking stiff. Five ounces of 5 o'clock vodka and five ounces of Kool-Aid lemonade.
#drink #trailer park boys #jim lahey #alcohol #mixed drink
by Filthy Sally February 12, 2007
Someone (a guy) that doesn't want to talk to/pursue girls and would rather stand by themselves, thus being a stiff.
Wow, Kevin was a stiff again and stayed in the corner as a hot girl danced by herself.
#lame #pussy #lame-o #hella lame #wuss
by fernandoalejandro May 27, 2010
1. To cheat (someone) of something owed.

2. To fail to give or supply (something expected or promised).
If you do too much for people, they'll stiff you more than repay you.
#bamboozle #con #cross #deceive #defraud #double deal #double-cross #fuck #jerk #mislead #rip off #scam #screw #sucker #swindle #trick #two-time #victimize
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 30, 2005
1. A corpse/dead person.

2. An extremely boring cunt.

3. Someone who always abides by rules, never questioning anything, or talks big about their hardassness, then just pussies out. A big blubbering vagina.

4. Someone who's never kissed someone. Usually applied to boys, but can be applied to girls too, though those are usually referred to as frigid.
1. Dave is dead.

2. My god, Luke is such a stiff. He never wants to skip lessons and he never messes around. He's such a pussy. What a stiff.

Stiff: Yeah I'm really hard. I skip all the time.
Norm: So you coming to smoke a J?
Stiff: But we'll get caught/But what if my mum finds out?

4. Yeah so I was trying to kiss Jenna last night, she was really frigid and freaked out.
#pussy #corpse #stiffer #crybaby #wimp
by Pink_Shoes December 05, 2005
Slang. To fail to tip an employee that is normally tipped, such as bar and restaurant wait-staff, pizza delivery drivers, hairstylists/barbers, taxi drivers, etc.
Verb: "He (erroneously) thinks the pizza driver gets the "delivery charge", so stiffs them!"
Noun: Stiffs at a bar find themselves thirstier than the good tippers.
#stiffer #stiff #tips #pizza delivery #food service #gratuity #service #restaurant #bar
by blonde one December 17, 2006
a word used as an adjective. to describe how a penis gets hard during sexual activity.
"OH GOD BEKY!, look at johny's pants...doesn't it look like he's got a stiff?"
by goddess August 17, 2003
A boring cunt. An induvidual who is often circulates in right wing circles and is characterised by his or her bald head, avoidance of amusement and is generally regarded as an absolute twat
Al Gore is a real stiff. He sickens me
#boring #straight #facist #plain #square #narc
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
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