A boner, or in other words the hard you have on.
Every time I see her I get a stiff.
by Judge dredd7 June 01, 2011
1.) Corpse
2.) Individual tight with money.
3.) Failure to tip a person in the service industry, while other customers do quite casually and obviously.
You vinny go drop da' stiff in da' lake why dont yas.

That nerdy guy stiffed the waitress because she brought him sweetened iced tea instead of regular.

That guys a stiff, every time we take him along to the ball game he says he doesent have enough money for beers.
by DouChizzle August 07, 2009
1.When that cream shooter in your pants inlarges, arises, and hardens drastically.
My sister ran to the store and left me home with her friend from school. I had been stiff all weekend so I went to go shoot a load, and my sisters friend overheard me moaning in my room. She walked into the room and immediately started feeling on herself. She then walked over to me and removed my shirt and began licking my chest. I tried to backdown, but then she took off my briefs and started caressing my nuts. Then when she got on her knees I knew exactly what she was craving. I whipped out my 11 inch pole and implied my willingness to allow her giving me a blowjob. Her lips swam on my meat for a while and after that she removed her clothes. 'GOOD THING I WAS STIFF'i thought.
by garrrett January 07, 2008
A Stiff, a person that has left this plane of exestance (dead as the cat in the road) the word "stiff"was given due to rigermortis (stiffening of the body and joins) making the body very hard to move
Police officer "send the coriner...we got a stiff"
by Alucard Djin July 11, 2004
Another term for the word burn, when someone says something offensive to another and no one wants them to know they have been burned.
Person 1. I love your hair.
Person 2. Yours is much better. (Sarcasm)
Person 3. Stiff.
Person 1. What? :S
Person 2&3. /Laughs.
by The girl in the green scarf. October 07, 2009
person who is inflexable in situations where flexability would help.....eg. nonhelper
your a bad stiff!!!EXT: hes this worst stiffwad!!!
by ramigs October 24, 2004
a word used to describe a really dry joke.
your joke is so stiff its unbelievable
by thug#1 July 13, 2003
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