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1. A degenerate induvidual. Characterised by a willingness to decline in financial, mental and physical health on an ongoing basis, often by means of his or her chosen party favor.

A degen is one step above the dero or derelict in the scale of madness.
Scozz Walker crawled out from under a miniskip after sacking a fistful of tacktacks and a skinful of tang. He is the ultimate degen!
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
1. An induvidual who specialises in the procurment of illict produce, and characterised by the devotion to the concept of minimal profit for maximal effort. Often associated with degen types.
Conal McKone: "Hey I need a tacktack yo"
Gerald Benson: "Go see Middleman he will sort you out!"
Middleman: CHUR
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
1. A standard request - root: Hook Us Up.
Hi can you please hookus the remote? Or: "Hookus" - and point at item required
by ffmmmmfmm September 18, 2005
1. A device or item whose facilitation or possession is required. Can encompass any range of items and the induvidual whom request is made to generally knows what is bring referred to as the tangerus.

Derived from requests for a cigarette lighter. Lighter = lighterangerus, lightangerus, tangerus.

Ie: someone with a cigarette in thier mouth might say "Tangerus" and an observant requestee will know that a portable flame dvice is required to faciliate the ignition of the tobacconated product assisted by filtration device.

Or a plumber might ask his apprentice: "Pass the tangerus" in a situation where a flange or other such device is required.
by ffmmmmfmm September 18, 2005
1. An Ecstasy tablet often consumed by degen types. Often procured via the aquisition services of a middleman
"Hookus a tacktack? I feel like getting down! Yeah!"
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
1. A term of reference for a female humanoid. Generally a girl, usually blonde, wearing tight pants or skirt, drunken and looking for a degen to party with.

Usually saying something sludey like "Hey Fuzz, lets go to the Pak and Save convenience mart and purchase a cheap cask of wine."

Sludes often travel in PACKS, in order to maximize levels of sludyness.
1. "Hey Fuzz check out that pack of sludes walking down the road!"
2. Lets go slude hunting!
3. "I LOVE SLUDES!" P. Jizzler
4. Lilley looks like a real slude tonight!
by ffmmmmfmm September 28, 2005
A boring cunt. An induvidual who is often circulates in right wing circles and is characterised by his or her bald head, avoidance of amusement and is generally regarded as an absolute twat
Al Gore is a real stiff. He sickens me
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
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