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cheated, didn't pay
I stiffed the taxi driver when I jumped out of his cab.
by Brother Bob May 11, 2005
1)To get dissed
2)To get rejected
3)To cheat sum1
1)person 1-yo u tryna chill?
person 2-no
person 3-damn i just got stiffed

2)person 1-yo what happened with you and that gurl u were tryna holla at?
person 2-man the bitch stiffed me

3)person 1-did u pay the taxi?
person 2-nah i stiffed on the bill
by ;xfgnjk;nh;k August 14, 2005
To be super inebriated by drinking substantial quantities of alchol and inhaling excessive amount of mkat thru the nosrils and generally having a great time
Katie: you wana get stiffed tonight?

Jess: I'm already stiffed mate!
by MrRampage December 30, 2012
Meaning to have boned or had sex with someone. Comes from the word stiff one or stiffy which means the erection of mans penis.
Did you get stiffed by that guy last night?
by Your Mom March 21, 2005
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