the belief that a certain person has to belong a group that has similar attributes

Black/African American/Nigga- thugs, criminals, theives, speaks in ebonics, broke, strapped, rapper, rapist, drug dealers, alcholics

Mexican- illegal, janitors, does manual labor for low prices, delivers pizza

Chinese/Japanese/Korean- delivers Chinese food, smart in math and science, can't speak English, wannabe rappers

White- spoiled, rockers, racist, wannabe black, kiss asses, bossy, punk rocker, pussy ass, afraid of a nigga wigger or wanksta

Arab/Iraqi/????Irani???/Indian- wears turbans, owns convenience stores, smelly, angry, terrorist
1.White lady watches black guy closely because she thinks he'll jack her car.

2. "Hey, Peter. Call immagration. The guy who mows the Jones' lawn is back"- white woman about Mexican immigrant.

3."Hey, Chang! Where's my por-fry-rye!"- white guy to chinese delivery man.

4. "Look at dat wigga tryna floss dem rhinestones, dawg!"-black guy to friend.

5."I bet that guy in the turban is gonna bomb his convenience store."- white guy stereotypes Iraqi at gas station.
by MayaEA April 18, 2006
What teenagers use to catagorize everybody so they can get higher in the social food chain.
See poser, prep, punk, goth, jock, and other equally lame sterotypes
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
an assumption of a certain group of ppl. the simpsons area perfect example of a stereotypical town. where homer is the fat lazy husband with a dead end job, marge is the housewife that doesnt have a life outside the house, bart is the trouble maker boy, lisa is the forgotten, misunderstood girl, maggie is the quiet baby who never speaks, mr. burns is the evil bossman, apu is the foreign shop keeper, and the polie are lazy ppl who eat donuts all day. all the other characters are self explanitory.

stereotypes seem to be an alternative to ppl who dun weanna get to know other ppl. so they classify them with out gettin the facts.
Common stereotypes:

1) All white ppl hate ppl who are different than them and MUST feel supiorer to them
2) All black ppl are ghetto hoodrats that dont attempt to do anything with their lives
3) All asians are smart ppl who hate everyone who are differnt
4) Muslims and middle easterns all want to blow up ppl
5) All black ppl are good at basketball
6) White ppl or goody goody house wife ppl who want to be more perfect than everyone else and hate it when other ppl get ahead of them in life
7) Black ppl are stupid and ignorant
8) Goths only wear black and theyre always thinkin about life, death, and commiting suicide
9) British ppl are some of the most snooty ppl who disgust everyone, even though they have some of the worst teeth in the world

these are just a few. there are a ton ton more.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 22, 2005
A label, usually used negatively towards a person or a group of people, race, religion, or orientation.

Usually people who stereotype (95% of the people on this website) need a reality check, for sure.
Stereotyper's most commonly assume things like, 'Oh my God, she's Canadian so she must say eh after everything!' or 'He's Irish, he's gonna be a drunk!'.
Most of them, stop after awhile and grow up.
Some intill it into their children, and
there goes the intelligence of another
Stereotypes are, but aren't limited to:
1) I'm Asian so I must be smart.
2) I'm skinny so I must be anorexic.
3) I'm Italian so I must be a mobster.
4) I'm blond so I must be stupid.
5) I'm a cheerleader so I must be a slut.
6) I'm black so I must own a gun.
7) I'm Mexican so I must be poor.
8)I'm Christian so I must be a Bible thumper.
9) I'm Jewish so I must be a JAP.
10) I'm Muslim so I must be a terrorist.
11) I'm pale so I must be Goth.
12) I like Hello Kitty so I must be scene.
13) He's gay so he must like shopping.
14) I like My Chemical Romance so I must be emo.

Nobody likes Stereotypes...
by DriedxTears May 09, 2009
A word used to describe how people assume that a certain group of people behaves, dresses, and thinks a certain way.
Many definions on this website are based on stereotypes. See American Republican Democrat or anything possibly stereotyped. I promise you, it is on this website.
by Laura January 01, 2005
A stereotype is someone who judges someone by how they look, their race, how they dress, thier 'label', etc.
All preps are bitches.
All goths are anti-social.
All black people are gangsters.
All asians are good at math.
Stereotypes are idiots because they judge people by stupid things like skin color.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
An automatic overgeneralization of certain labels, regardless of accuracy; Over-abused discrimination.

Cheerleaders: Vain, slutty bitches who are way too self-absorbed

Emos: Attention-seeking, depressed, angsty teens (Fakes, wannabes, attention-seekers=the majority of emo population these days); Wannabe scene queens; Emo Elmo (in my opinion, bullshit, and an inaccurate judgement ofe "emo"); Cutting (is actually a form of non-sexual masochism)

Celebrities: Over-paid actors and musicians just waiting to be judged and showered with overrated popularity; "Scandalous"
Examples of stereotypes (regardless of accuracy):

"All cheerleaders are skinny, skanky, and anorexic."

"Why don't all you stupid emos just bleed to death, you depressed attention-seeking whores?" (Someone actually said this to me)

by ThisBrokenCitySky January 11, 2009
A pathetic way for attention craving and simple minded teens to categorize others, making it seem like they are the only normal person, and everyone else has issues and wutever anyone else does is wrong

basically they talk through their ass
stereotype-ing fag: "oh ma god, u listen to Underoath??? You must be an emo wrist cutter"

stereotyping fag: "u skate??? youre such a poser. skaters hav long hair and wear tight pants"

stereotyping fag: "listening to metal means youre goth"
stereotyping fag: "arab people wear turbans with m80s inside them"
by mother fuggin snakes August 18, 2006

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