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Australia's best import and pretty much the hottest guy ever.
Heath Ledger is a Fox!
by emilyfemily October 20, 2005
a group of brits with the funniest dry humor ever.
often people who claim to love them have only seen the holy grail, even though the flying circus is way better.
cool people like monty python
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
1. a hottie
2. a cute orange sly animal
3. a smart, sly person
Heath Ledger is a fox!
by emilyfemily October 20, 2005
something that differenciates cultures. it makes the people of that culture look different and sometimes overall act and sound different. no race is better than another because no one is the same in each race. there are dumbasses in every race and there are cool people in every race too. the difference of races starts stereotypes and rasism.
my race is caucasion but that doesn't mean I'm a redneck.
rasists are insecure and afraid of different races.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
the most influencial music group of all time. they sold the most albums and are the most popular band ever
controversial, hippy, high, peace-seeking.
their music changed the standards and was genius.
in the begining the beatles were cheeky as hell.

Question: Why do you think you're so popular?
John: It must be the weather.

Question: Do you like topless bathing suits?
Ringo: We've been wearing them for years.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
something that tries to define a large group of people. it is usualy wrong because these accustaions are made without any right information. ususally degrading and hurtful.
all blacks are ghetto.
people who live in the northeast are stuck-up.
stereotypes suck.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
slang for gross, coined by George Harrison who actually said something was grotty in the movie "a hard days night"
her hair is so grody
by emilyfemily October 20, 2005
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