an assumption to label a group of people though someone only knows a few things about them. often, stereotypes limit judgement and can be racist and sexist. sometimes they are true with evidence, but they are mostly based on incorrect opinions
things that are commonly stereotyped:
races- white black asian indian arabs hispanics etc...
music- rap rock classical country jazz r'n'b etc...
subcultures- emo goth chav wigger thug/gangsta prep geeks nerds etc...
sexes- male female gays lesbians transexuals hermaphrodites etc...
physical characteristics- blondes brunettes short tall etc...
social standing- suburban ghetto poor middle-class rich filthy rich etc...
by this website is ruined October 12, 2005
something that tries to define a large group of people. it is usualy wrong because these accustaions are made without any right information. ususally degrading and hurtful.
all blacks are ghetto.
people who live in the northeast are stuck-up.
stereotypes suck.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
A belief based on similarities between people of the same race, class, or religion. Usually absolutly true about most of that group, but offends stupid people.
Stereotypical stereotypes.
Americans are fat.
Canadians don't lock their doors.
Mexicans break into America.
White people are rich.
Black people have wide noses.
Nordic people are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.
French people suck at war.
Russians are hairy.
Germans have schnitzle.
Jews have jagged noses.
Catholics are conservative.
Sunnis don't like Shiites.
Shiites don't like Sunnis.
Australians have funny accents.
Asians are short.
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
Stereotypes unfairly group a certain type of people into a label.

It is stupid to think that anyone who wears Aeropostale is a slut. It's dumb to believe that anyone from Ireland is drunk all the time. Not everyone who likes black and is intrigued by Gothic culture is a Satanist.

Unfortunately, most people are very hypocritical about stereotypes and labels. These people preach about how stupid it is to judge others, but make ridiculous statements that strongly imply unfair prejudice against a certain group of people. See the example below.
Person: I hate it when people judge me for listening to emo music and dressing in black.
*blonde in Hollister jeans walks by*
Person: *snickers* What a slutty prep. They're such conformists. At least I know I'm unique.

Stereotypes suck. Get to know someone before you judge them.
by the.marionette January 12, 2008
To assume ones characteristics based on the observed characteristics of other members of that particular group.

And to all you people saying that stereotypes are bad, ignorant people, guess what, your stereotyping stereotypers. That means you're worse than they are for not only stereotyping, but for also being a hypocrite. This is the kind of dumb shit you expect from someone who's mother didn't take enough cyanide.
Mindy: Oh, people who stereotype are bad, ignorant people

John: You're stereotyping stereotypers, dipshit.
by fgsfdsMASTER December 23, 2008
to form an asumtion about someone or something based on some common images and ideas held about the group the person or thing belongs too.
careful not to stereotype about them.
by Kevin Galbreth October 23, 2006
To stereotype someone is to place them in a group with everyone of the same nation, color, heritage, etc. Most of them are negative and untrue, some are true but are still offensive.
Several Common Stereotypes:

Blondes are morons.
Asians are geniuses.
Asians suck at driving.
Jews are greedy.
Americans are fat.
Canadians all say "eh" instead of "huh".
British people are snobs.
British people have horrible teeth.
Blondes are sluts.
Black people are ghetto hoodrats with zero money.
Black people are super racist.
White people are perfect.
Irish people are all drunk potato eaters.

I'd like to point out that these are NOT my beliefs. These are some common stereotypes. There are still many more out there.
by SmexyBlondeChick August 30, 2008

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