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The most amazingly awesome girl the world has ever known. Tall, blond hair, blue eyes, with an AMAZING body. A person known for her bubbly personality and great sense of humour. Tends to get hyper and somewhat silly or childish, but overall someone people LOVE to meet!
"Oh my God, have you seen Catie lately? Everywhere she goes it seems like the room lights up!"

"Yeah! She's amazing!"
by heymama202 February 28, 2007
An excitable girl who is always the life of the party. Tends to drift toward guys when they are very attracted to her, which is often. A huge flirt, who will know what she wants. Beautiful features, most commonly the eyes and smile. Hair is usually a dark, sultry shade. She is consistently followed by drama. Her life revolves around gossip, so she is easy to love or hate. She has many close friends, but has trouble finding a best friend. Her ambitions are set high, and she has the talent to achieve them, but she doesn't know how to start her journey. Wants to be the Alpha, but someone is standing in her way. She has a certain sexuality revolving around her. Loves royal colors such as gold, silver, or purple.
Catie can be really bitchy sometimes.
She knows how to get what she wants.
But who cares, because DAMN she's looking hot!
She makes all the girls jealous because shes so stunning.
Look at that little booty of hers!
by I'mLovingYou December 23, 2010
super hot chick. she can make the guys dance. she is also a f'n genius. she can outsmart guys 10 to 1. do not underestimate her. stunning. one cool cat. totally want to be her friend. super awesome. (guys, watch your pants around her... she is nawty ;)
guy1: dude... you get laid?
guy2: yeah, i hooked up with a total Catie.

guy1: how'd she know that?
guy2: she must be a catie.

guy1: where u going?
guy2: to get in line to dance with that Catie. it will be totally worth it.
by that's/what/he/said March 25, 2012
She has a beautiful personality, really easy to get along with and usually the life of the party. Easy to love, hard to hate. Drama will more than likely come her way whenever it can. She won't trust very many people only because she knows nobody she can trust. She has alot of friends, but only a couple true ones, whom which she still cant figure out. She looks really good in red and really bad in turquoise. She would love to give you advice anyday. She is normally attracted to guys that really like her, but does not know what to do with them or what they wanna do with her. Gossip gossip gossip.
Look at Catie, she looks really nice!
She can really work it, yanno?
Catie's been real bitchy lately.
by This is real. March 28, 2010
person#1-"yo man i have aids, aye."
person#2-"go to CATIE, aye."
by catiegirl February 07, 2013
has very pretty eyes but is somewhat bitchy. Usually a volleyball or softball player. Is most likely single because boys are too intimidated to talk to her
"Did you see Catie's eyes last night?"
"Yeah! they were so blue I think i blinded myself!"
by catvball October 12, 2014
The common phrase "theres plenty of fish in the sea" comes in to play for the colorful ocean dweller - most closely related to the squid family. The Catie is known for being capable, as well as making the best of their ability, to mate and reproduce with any type of sea creature in the ocean. Sprouting numerous children that result in fairly deformed fish such as the Angler, Coffinfish, and Long-Nosed Chimera.
Scientist 1: I do believe that this might be a combination of the Catie and Viper Fish
Scientist 2: I wouldn't want to live if I looked like that fish. We need to start controlling the Catie population this is ridiculous.
by Caiti=] August 13, 2008
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