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What everyone does no matter whether they think they do or not

Stereotypes, in my opinion, are completely pointless. They're a part of modern society today, and basically it tries to put everyone into one group or another.

Many people try to 'be' a certain stereotype just because they think it makes them cool to whoever else. Generally, I believe if people do this, and admit to being whatever stereotype, then they are not that stereotype as they're trying to be something they're not.

Many people are discriminated for the way they are stereotyped, and stereotyping has become a sort of discrimination in itself.

Just try to be who you are, not what people want you to be or what you think you want to be. Be who you really are. Stereotyping gets rid of individualism and makes everyone similar, which to be honest, is pretty boring

Too many people are not given a chance because of whatever way they act, dress, the music they listen to or whatever else. Give them a chance to find what they're really like and you might find you actually like them :)

The most common stereotypes for people are emo, indie, chav, goth, prep, scene etc.

There is also something called 'ethnic stereotyping' which is like things such as all Asians are really smart, all Jewish people are greedy, all Russian people are called Boris, all British people are either posh or talk live 1800 people =/ etc etc
Kid 1: Lets go beat up that kid cos he looks different

Kid 2: Yeah! He's not like us

Kid 3: He's just himself, not trying to be anyone else, you're just treating him different because of his stereotype, he doesn't do it to you, so you shouldn't to him :)

Kids 1&2: .....Get him too! He's explaining things that we should know but don't as we all go by these stupid stereotypes just because everyone else does
by Paul (IL) February 27, 2007
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Something that people use to label others. Normally judeged by what music they listen to (go figure) or how they dress and normally are NOT judged by the person they really are
by Whoever July 12, 2003
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The leading cause of hatred on earth.

A label that someone puts one in to express their style of life. Often causing people to be bashed and made fun of. Being labeled and being expected to be like everybody else that's in the same label as you are.

A truly sick thing that people need to put an end to.
Bill: "Hey, I'm going to stereotype that girl as emo because she has black hair and has piercings."
Sara: "No, she's not. She's wearing a Casualties shirt, so she's ovbiously a Punk."
Smart Person: "Maybe she's just wearing those things because she likes them. It doesn't matter what she is. So shut the fuck up and get a life."
by A Pissed Off Girl February 25, 2009
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Preps are sluts that wear pink
French ladies like to strip off their clothes in public
Asians like anime
Mexicans like stealing stuff and moustaches
Boys are immature
Girls are smart
All black women have huge booties and breasts
All black men like rapping and busting up cars
People who live in the rich part of town are spoiled..
Muslims like to blow stuff up
Greek people (modern) like to play all their sports naked
Boys like to pick their nose and eat it..
Wearing thongs makes you a prostitute
example for stereotype is above
by iheartcartwheels April 15, 2008
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A stereotype is a characteristic assumed by people regarding a certain population. Stereotypes are usually based on the history of that population and are also portrayed by the media. Stereotypes usually have a negative connotation, since it is including all people of a certain population into characteristics when really only a select few possesses.
1. If you are a teenager, you curse like a sailor, do drugs and cause trouble.
2. If you are white, you are a hypocrite that is jealous of society because you can't move up in life.
3. If you are black, you fail out of school, live on welfare and leech off the government, doing nothing with your life.
4. If you are a Jew, you are very careful with money and have huge ambitions to get rich.
5. If you are Muslim, you are a crazy, maniacal mastermind that likes to blow shit up and cause chaos.

Those are all examples of stereotypes.
by Marco K. January 19, 2010
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An idea used because you don't understand something someone different does. Ex. You may think all Jamacians smoke weed, while in reality it's part of their religon, and they're Rastafarians. Ex. You may think Italians all have dark hair/skin, while in reality, that's only southern italians while Northern Italians can have blond hair and blue eyes. You may think Southern people are all stupid, while in reality, they just have an accent, so do most people. You may think Northern people all live in big cities and are stuck up, while in reality a lot of us live in suburbs and we are pretty low key people. You may think California is all beaches, while in reality is has beautiful beaches, large cities, ghettos, desserts, and shitty places. You may think that people from Jersey say "Joisey" but in reality we say "Jurzee". There are millions more, but yeah sterotypes are used to identify people you don't understand.
Stereotypes may contain some true facts but overall they exaggarate and generalize way too much.
by jersey kid January 12, 2008
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A belief based on similarities between people of the same race, class, or religion. Usually absolutly true about most of that group, but offends stupid people.
Stereotypical stereotypes.
Americans are fat.
Canadians don't lock their doors.
Mexicans break into America.
White people are rich.
Black people have wide noses.
Nordic people are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.
French people suck at war.
Russians are hairy.
Germans have schnitzle.
Jews have jagged noses.
Catholics are conservative.
Sunnis don't like Shiites.
Shiites don't like Sunnis.
Australians have funny accents.
Asians are short.
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
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