An ignorant assumtion of a person based on looks or ethnicity

Stereotypes: that would come from a very ignorant person

(these are NOT my opinions, just a generalization of people who judge others this way)

Prep- "shes wearing clothes from abercrombie!, she must be a slut and have no individuality"

Goth-"They wear all black! They must be freaks who are trying to prove a point by being "different" weird"

Black people-"wow they have different skin color then I do!- That must mean that they are lazy, and that they like to eat fried chicken"

Poor people-"His parents only make 5 thousand a year!, he must be a "scumbag" and never take showers"

like I said...IGNORANT
by emmemmemm December 28, 2006
1. The true definition of a stereotype is a true event or thing that has been replicated and has been made into some form of a legend. A stereo type is an idea of something that had happened but no more than it happens in the whole population
2. A stereotype of race or religion is used everyday by everyone even you. people can say racist remarks and not even notice it, everyone. A sterotype does not have bounderies, but mostly is place with race.
3. a sterotype is something that many beleive
Yes, some jewish people can be greedy, yes asians can't drive, or african americans can't get a job. That could be true. But those things are just as true as the entire world community. Everyone is greedy. Everyone can't drive well. And for sure EVERYONE can't get a job. A sterotype can be true but it can be used for everyone. That is why it is a sterotype. stereotype
by Victor Montemayor September 27, 2005
People use them to feel good about themselves, to put people down and to make fun of them on how they are.
Also called, Labels.
Which are completelty f***ed up.
Labels can suck on my asshole.
Ryan: "Hey look at that emo kid over there. HEY GO CUT YOURSELF F***ING EMO!"
Dan: "Hey man, that's pretty rude of you to say, if you looked 'emo', would you want someone else telling you to go cut yourself? I don't think so. Don't stereotype people."
by klsdnflskdnglsknglnddfh March 13, 2008
Yup... Stereotypes...
by ihazcarudunrofl November 30, 2008
A standardised idea/conception of an individual/group often based on limited or minimal information.
*Group of Girls listening to music*
Group2: "Can we hear that song you're listening to"
Girl with Ipod in group one:"Yeah, sure, but don't steretype us"
*Group2(who are obviously dumbasses)listens to song*
Group2:"Man, you guys are totally goth for not listening to mainstream rap/pop!"
Group1:"You freakin' idiots!We told you not to stereotype us!"
Girl with Ipod:"You seriously need a dictionary and btw. you know nothing about us!"
by ~*mmm*~ April 18, 2008
Stereo Type:

Bang and Olufson
Rockford Fosgate
12" Woofers
Monitor Speakers

Dude: Yo, whatz yo stereotype?

Dude Number2: BEEEOTCH, I be rockin' fosgates and some 12's you fool!

Dude: Word?

Dude Nubmer2: Word!
by Devgru August 22, 2006
a "proven fact" which is always disproven by at least one person, rendering "stereotype" completely false. Dangerous to try stereotyping, it will always backfire
largely true perhaps, but prone to backfire, is any social stereotype. To be cut and dried, all emo kids have a unique clothing style(as far as i've seen) and an even more unique hairstyle. Punks that i've seen are typically incredibly naive, but there is always someone who will exist to disprove that statement.....
by Mr. Baltimore November 13, 2006

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