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1. The badass poor white guy that lives in the ghetto and isn't racist. Doesn't like rich whites. Doesn't go to hollister, abercrombie, or have an ipod.

2. White guy that acts black because he thinks it's cool. Acts like he's from the ghetto but was raised in suburbia. Moron.
1. B#1: Why's that white guy always hangin' wit you?
B#2: Chill man, he's a white nigga, he's one of us.

2. That white nigga listens to rap and throws signs because he thinks he's from the ghetto.
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
A belief based on similarities between people of the same race, class, or religion. Usually absolutly true about most of that group, but offends stupid people.
Stereotypical stereotypes.
Americans are fat.
Canadians don't lock their doors.
Mexicans break into America.
White people are rich.
Black people have wide noses.
Nordic people are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.
French people suck at war.
Russians are hairy.
Germans have schnitzle.
Jews have jagged noses.
Catholics are conservative.
Sunnis don't like Shiites.
Shiites don't like Sunnis.
Australians have funny accents.
Asians are short.
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
The biggest city in the 505. A dirty old town with no redeeming qualities. Home of the worst drivers in existance. It has the remarkable ability to trap everyone who comes here for life. Huge wealth gap, home to the poorest and richest neighboorhoods in the country. Has lots of rich bastard WASPS, but has three times as many illegals. Too hot at day, too cold at night. Most of the city is gang territoty, but the eastern part is where the rich people live. Pretty much just a miniature version L.A., except a lot shittier. Also known as burque and apple-cookie.
guy1: "Man, this city sucks ass."
guy2: "no shit, it's albuquerque"
*BAM* (both killed by driveby)
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006

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