std: an acronym for the band Saves the Day, not to be confused with STD, a sexually transmitted disease. Capitalization is key in this situation.
Did you go to that awesome std concert? I heard Chris Conley sang his heart out!
by Gabi January 14, 2004
STD basically means, well...
Dave: Hey man I just fucked Shelley and now I'm gunna get an STD or something!!!

Max: Ooops!!!
by HoRnEySoYbEaN April 16, 2008
1.A very nasty deisese that you dont want!!!!!!
2.A newark taggin click made an originated in the bay with fresh young taggers.
1.Boy1:AYYYY ma hoe liets go throw up an STD over there!
Boy2:aight jus dnt get caught
by MA_HOE!!!! March 02, 2008
'Story Teller's Discretion'.

This phrase indicates the Story Teller (or DM, or GM, depending on what game one is playing) decides to make reality shift in a particular way. Often-times done in order to make the story develop in a particular manner.
1. Upon reaching the anti-climactic 'Final Encounter' of a long and drawn out quest for the artifact needed to enter the Bastion of Broken souls (A fragment of the soul totem), Fighter: The human fighter rolled three natural twenties in a row, which resulted in the untimely (one-round-kill) demise of the fallen god.

However, in order to promote the challenge of this encounter, the DM decides to use an STD to allow a centuries old Contingency heal to revive the poor fellow, at full hitpoints, and rather angry at having been slain in such a way. Then a 'true' fight ensued.

2. Thor throwing his famed hammer Mjollnir(Molniya) at a Werewolf in D&D Edition 3.5, and deciding not to remove the 10 damage which would be removed, since the hammer isn't made of silver. This STD though perhaps un-needed (the werewolf would likely die from the modified damage) makes sense, since even though it's not a silver weapon perse; when Thor throws his hammer, he means business, and that 10 damage shouldn't be reduced because it's not made of silver.
by Crispy (LS) December 16, 2005
1-Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease, which is duh any disease you can get with any kind of sexual contact ie The Clap, Crabs

2-Ironically, could've been a group on WWE'S SmackDown! with Divas, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn Marie since their first initials spell that out
Ex1-Better wear condoms, you never what know STD you're gonna get.

Ex2-Imagine if Sable and Dawn Marie hadn't been fired and they and Torrie Wilson formed STD and said things on SmackDown! like "When you're lying in the middle of the ring and you feel that pain between your legs--you know you've just been infected by STD!"
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
A derisive modification of the VGF member Saria Dragon's abbreviated name. STD is used to make reference to Saria Dragon's abnormal sexual relation with the VGF member Tub-o-troopa. Use of STD became commonplace after Saria Dragon and Tub-o-troopa had cyber sex in the popular VGF forum game, The Person Above Me.
Saria Dragon, or SD, just cybered with Tub on VGF. She's more like STD now.
by Lemonjello Setzer January 01, 2005
Acronym meaning: Socially Transmitted Decepticons

Professional or professionally-organized social media users who use one or more online personas to launch political or personal attacks on opponents or their issues. Often, so called "persona software" is used to manage many such deceptive identities simultaneously in order to create the impression that multitudes hold similar points of view.

Sometimes called Sock Puppets, STDs can infect multiple social media streams at one time, creating the illusion of mass interest or agreement sufficient to influence an issue or debate.
The minute the President announced the military action, a thousand STDs magically appeared on Twitter trying to create the illusion that much of the public thought it was an illegal act of war because Congress had not authorized it.
by shoqvalue March 18, 2011

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