the most awesome person you will ever meet. orrrrr.....the coolest phrase ever!
"Shannon Tara Delany"
"Shop Till ya Drop"
by shea shea April 28, 2005
STD - Standard Trunk Dialing which is the term used for long distance call in India
I Can't talk to you forever, this is an STD call.
by calbang March 30, 2005
A Counter-Strike: Source player that spreads fun, love, and disease throughout the world. clanloa roxx0rz j00!!!!111oneoneonetwo
1. Man, STD pwned our asses. We should stop messing with LoA.

2. I should stop using Myg0t, STD just banned me and LoA murdered my family.

3. STD hates t3h h4xx0rz.

4. STD loves LoA.
by ]LoA[ S T D March 23, 2005
Student Tech Director
Yo! who do I give my crew head aplication to? oh, give it to the STD!
by just call me blond January 21, 2005
A derisive modification of the VGF member Saria Dragon's abbreviated name. STD is used to make reference to Saria Dragon's abnormal sexual relation with the VGF member Tub-o-troopa. Use of STD became commonplace after Saria Dragon and Tub-o-troopa had cyber sex in the popular VGF forum game, The Person Above Me.
Saria Dragon, or SD, just cybered with Tub on VGF. She's more like STD now.
by Lemonjello Setzer January 01, 2005
short for "Shit To Do"
Naw, I can't come over and watch the game, I got STD.
by Sslime October 17, 2004
My friend's band name which stands for Shot To Death.not the other std yall sick bastards
Dude STD fucking rocks
by a random person September 21, 2004
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