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The 4 word sentence that never leads to a good conversation. Usually a good way to prepare the other for bad news.
Translations for "We have to talk":
From Boss: You're fired.
From Girlfriend: I'm pregnant, I'm dumping you.
From Parents: We know what you did.
From Friends: Pay your rent dammit.
by sixfourfish January 07, 2009
Surf Till Dark. When the waves are that good or the weather is that good or there is just nothing better to do, why not surf till dark. Sometimes what started as a SAW turns into a STD.
Me: McD, gettin a SAW in today?

McD: Yeah, probably a STD.

Both: Chad, you're still a ding-dong.
by sixfourfish January 07, 2009
Surf After Work. After sitting at the desk for 8 hours, when there is anything rideable, all you can think about is going surfing.
McD, we gettin a SAW today?
by sixfourfish January 07, 2009

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