Acronym for Scintillatingly Titled Dictionary.
Fucking hell. The Urban Dictionary is SUCH ann S.T.D!
by Lord Jackson of Dribblespunk January 24, 2004
std: an acronym for the band Saves the Day, not to be confused with STD, a sexually transmitted disease. Capitalization is key in this situation.
Did you go to that awesome std concert? I heard Chris Conley sang his heart out!
by Gabi January 14, 2004
A cool street tagger who also pimps.
Whoa. Check that STD; his gear is stupid phat.
by Afro Man October 31, 2003
An Acronym, South Taranaki District
I live in STD
by martzb September 18, 2003
Abbreviation for "standard"
I wanted a plain old blowjob, so I accepted when the prostitute said she'd give me an "STD blowjob". I don't feel so good...
by That Guy August 20, 2003
a cruel trick god plays
Damn you, Jebus!
by bosstone August 12, 2003
suck that dick
i told her to s.t.d me
by h-town pimp July 16, 2003
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