sexually transmitted disease.
also check sadistic twat delay, and stupidly tardy dick.
Someday you will sue the Government for many reasons, for things like pollution, odd scarring on your body, and std's coincidentally, among many relative issues, in addition to claiming the truer resources of our much more balanced commonwealth. So if somebody has an std, that person is to be compensated by the Government, Titus 1:12 and 1:16 exampling in the bible, states reprobate for any good work, so homework is reflectively nasty until they respect the prepuce and the younger people rights, then when they care to learn geometry in order homework means they are building their homes in direct alignment with prosperity equalling work efficiency, the young people will care to learn when they have an applied science. The higher equation factors 2 timely married virgins have no std's, they remain this way and this is their absolute solution. The absolute higher solution should not be shammed by opposing halfass methods. Advancing young people and everyone's rights does not reflect paying old witch doctors while the young person loses, he can not afford his home and land rights for evolution in due time as slave mice under polluter filthy concrete tar street city mentality..
by Joven March 24, 2007
Abbr: sexually transmitted degree: An academic achievement gained through sexual favours
Not all pretty woman get STD's.
by Broken Lizzard May 04, 2006
1;;The club acronym for Super Terrific Dudes from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine.

2;; Sexually Transmitted Disease. A disease tramsmitted from sexual contact.
1)) "That's right ladies, I'm an S.T.D."

2)) OhMyGawd, the bastard gave me an STD!
by Yellhissah August 13, 2005
short for "Shit To Do"
Naw, I can't come over and watch the game, I got STD.
by Sslime October 17, 2004
An abbreviation of STanDard. It appeared in Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force series.
Look, I got a STD chip Cannon!
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 15, 2008
STD = Spot The Difference
Do you think you possess the intellectual greatness to STD?
by DJ Pie Safety April 11, 2007
in freeskiing: Spread Twister Daffy

Try to do all three in one jump. Or, you could do them on three jumps in a row.
Dude, can you get an STD off this jump?
No, it's not big enough.
by cartel skiier February 21, 2007

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