Sexually Transmitted Disease, becoming increasingly known as a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Contracted through contact of BLOOD, EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF SALIVA, BREAST MILK, AND ANY OTHER BODILY FLUID. SKin to skin contact is not risky as long as there are no open sores present.
80% of women will have contracted the STD, HPV by the time they reach the age of 50.
by curls_1984 November 07, 2005
1-Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease, which is duh any disease you can get with any kind of sexual contact ie The Clap, Crabs

2-Ironically, could've been a group on WWE'S SmackDown! with Divas, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn Marie since their first initials spell that out
Ex1-Better wear condoms, you never what know STD you're gonna get.

Ex2-Imagine if Sable and Dawn Marie hadn't been fired and they and Torrie Wilson formed STD and said things on SmackDown! like "When you're lying in the middle of the ring and you feel that pain between your legs--you know you've just been infected by STD!"
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
1;;The club acronym for Super Terrific Dudes from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine.

2;; Sexually Transmitted Disease. A disease tramsmitted from sexual contact.
1)) "That's right ladies, I'm an S.T.D."

2)) OhMyGawd, the bastard gave me an STD!
by Yellhissah August 13, 2005
Short for standard. STD is commonly used on ddr and on tv modes (air, std,etc.)
I can play some songs on std in dance dance revolution.
by some 1337 person August 06, 2005
the most awesome person you will ever meet. orrrrr.....the coolest phrase ever!
"Shannon Tara Delany"
"Shop Till ya Drop"
by shea shea April 28, 2005
what i get when i listen to 80% of the music released today.
wow most bands today really know how to whore themselves. i got herpes from listening to yellowcard.
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005
STD - Standard Trunk Dialing which is the term used for long distance call in India
I Can't talk to you forever, this is an STD call.
by calbang March 30, 2005

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