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What killed unprotected sex.
John: " Yo Jack, you gonna bang Katie tonight?"

Jack: " Yeah but she told me she was HIV positive. I'm gonna have to use a condom."

John: " Damn, she has an STD? That blows! Sex is always better without a condom."
by CarlosX December 26, 2005
what i get when i listen to 80% of the music released today.

wow most bands today really know how to whore themselves. i got herpes from listening to yellowcard.
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005
STD - Standard Trunk Dialing which is the term used for long distance call in India
I Can't talk to you forever, this is an STD call.
by calbang March 30, 2005
a cruel trick god plays
Damn you, Jebus!
by bosstone August 12, 2003
something the government made up so people wouldnt have sex
I just got injected with and std by the government to I can show up as an example for middle school children
by gjfiewhltgre February 14, 2008
God's punishment for both women and men who are a slut. Yes, that is right guys can be sluts too.
Guy 1: Damn, it hurts when I pee.
Guy 2: Man, I think you got a STD.
Guy 1: No way, the women I was with last night said she was a virgin.
Guy 2: Dude that woman slept with almost every guy in town, I can not believe you fell for the old "I'm a virgin" trick.
Guy 1: Oh well thats what I get for being a slut.
by Johnny smith12 November 18, 2007
A dude who's a total dick to everyone not like him, and basically the semen used to impregnate his prostitute mother was infected with a sexually transmitted DNA retrovirus that alters the DNA of diploid cells shortly before meiosis begins. Thus, it's perfectly ok to execute him for being a crime against humanity because, technically, he's not a human, and he must be removed from the gene pool ASAP.
-That guy's a total STD.
by aka_Pyro March 31, 2007