The absolute strongest curse word ever created in the English language. It is so strong the lightest situation it can be used in is something on the same level as the scenario that follows:

You come home and see a man there with a bloody axe and the bodies of your fallen family ---- He runs and you give chase, you catch him and pry the hatchet from his hands, and while you hack away at his face, hoping to cause as much pain possible you're yelling one word the whole time.

The murder of only 1 family member wouldn't quite be strong enough to warrant the usage of the S-Word
"Hey man, someone murdered my sister yesterday...I was just walking around the park yelling the S-word (Stash)"
"wow you were way outta line man, you should post a formal apology in the park"
by PardonMyFrench May 23, 2006
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1. As in "moustache". 2. secret collection such as drugs, pornography, etc.
Oh shit, my mom found my stash!
by Pac and Biggy live February 11, 2003
to hide, store secretly
I stashed my weed in my asshole
by proofhitter November 03, 2003
an amount of intoxicating substances for.ex. marijuana or other drugs
"i gotta big weed stash, pocket full of cash"

they had some weed from their secret stash
by fi$ June 18, 2005
Items of clothing, usually aquired whilst at University, baring the name of a club to which the wearer belongs and usually a obscure nickname picked up in Freshers' Week. Every club or team likes to believe that they have the best stash. Highly desirable at universities like Durham, UK.
Tarquin: "Shall we do a Bailey bar crawl in our Tennis Stash?"
Rupert: "Oh golly! That would be delightful!"
by theotherSummer May 13, 2005
hidden porno in the computer
"Yo Jordan where is your stash man"
"Its in C:Creative\soundblaster\soundmixer\"
by TheG May 24, 2005
to put away, save something
when i get my money im bout to stash it!
by dmoney25 July 07, 2009
1.something hidden in a secret place usually hidden drugs, 2.the person you have on the side that is not your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee/husband/wife, the one your playing your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee/husband/wife with.
1."I have some of my stash upstairs."
2."I'm going to get me a stash because my girlfriend is falling off."
by lecksii January 16, 2010
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