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1 joint rolled to the 2 extremities of a paper filter with another paper filter inserted on this 1st filter which gives us a kind of "T"
i gotta big weed stash, pocket full of cash just seen a big ol'aaaaass! it s saturday sticky icky icky...
by The Frenchy October 10, 2003
$$ Spendin' $$
The Money we oughtta be stashin'
by ANTI-POSER @ GETTO October 11, 2003
an adjective used to describe an object or thing that is of the utmost desirability; usually characterized by the quality of being a new and/or celebrated acquisition, such as one's first car or a coveted and obscure import CD.
"mom hooked it up with a stash new cuisinart blender for my dorm! she's such the shit!"
"dude, your prius is completely stash and whatnot. way to go."
by adrian and friends June 26, 2005
The absolute strongest curse word ever created in the English language. It is so strong the lightest situation it can be used in is something on the same level as the scenario that follows:

You come home and see a man there with a bloody axe and the bodies of your fallen family ---- He runs and you give chase, you catch him and pry the hatchet from his hands, and while you hack away at his face, hoping to cause as much pain possible you're yelling one word the whole time.

The murder of only 1 family member wouldn't quite be strong enough to warrant the usage of the S-Word
"Hey man, someone murdered my sister yesterday...I was just walking around the park yelling the S-word (Stash)"
"wow you were way outta line man, you should post a formal apology in the park"
by PardonMyFrench May 23, 2006
A Steve Nash style haircut
Your stash looks fantastic on you!
by Gregoire September 22, 2005