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What teachers call you when they don't want to say you are a dumbass.
Your son, Jimmy, is a very, well, ...creative... boy.
by Danny the girl August 26, 2004
Company that makes mp3 players that are approximately 3456432575 better than iPods. The main advantages of which include:

-Removable battery. For when you need a new one.
-More than 5 minutes of battery life. For when you're away from your charger.
-Design that actually fits in your pocket. For when you need to go somewhere.
-Decent sound quality. For when the bus driver tunes into 96fm.
-Radio option. So you can catch the match.
-Colour scheme that doesn't make you look like a complete yuppie. For when you don't want your arse kicked for wasting stupid amounts of money on something that doesn't work.
Random person: OMG! Is that an iPod?!!
Person with more than 6 braing cells: No, it's a Creative.
by Snake December 08, 2005
A quality that most people don't have. Being creative means you have the ability to think up many different types of art. See originaloriginality
Her painting is beautiful, she's so creative.
by my name April 06, 2004
The act of coming up with an idea to solve a problem. The problem may be given to you or you may have created the problem, thus being truly creative. Creativity is a valuable commodity when it is very strong, when weak it is something that people think they have but never really show. Creativity is the mother of invention and the Mothers of Invention were creative. If you wonder about it's worth, think about Velcro and how it's inventor got the idea by looking at thistles.
Jessica's teacher told her to be "creative" so she analyzed the problem looking for interesting solutions and came up with an idea that she decided to market. Now she is worth 20 million dollars and lives in Firenze where she excercizes her "creativity" by painting in the Piazza Signoria.
by bozlog October 05, 2005
A person who can think of lots of lies quickly.
"No, because Jim's dog ran away, and we found it in a movie theater, and there was a movie that was rated R so we couldn't go in so we had to wait and by the time the movie finished we found the dog wasn't there."
by Opaque December 27, 2004
What your teachers tell you to be when they really didnt think out an assignment very well. Usually causes many kids to get 0s when they come to school dressed like a half-dead fish, quoting the teachers ill thought out words...
Student: So what are we supposed to do for the project again?
Teacher: Just be, uh, "creative", rush, im sure you will think of something...
by Rush8192 October 04, 2005

A person who works in a creative industry, eg. Graphic Design or Advertising (the fun, arty, idea-sy bit not the corporate bullsh*t statistics-and-marketing bit). Does not refer to fine artists, who whilst creative, work for themselves not for clients...

Also may be pluralised as a collective reference to: Art Directors, Copywriters, Illustrators, stressed-out insomniac chronic doodlers, etc.

This (noun) obviously stems from the fact that these people are creative (adj)... but these sorts of job tend to take over your life so eventually they all turn from being creative to actually being A Creative. Well something like that...
Guy1: Hey, that guy's in his office at 3.30am with a sack of coffee and a knee-deep layer of crumpled paper around him, whats with that?

Guy2: Oh, he's there every night, thats how a creative lives.
by MMMerangue February 19, 2008
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