A dance move where one sits down and extends all four limbs to the beat.
Amy taught the group the starfish while sitting in her lawn chair.
by samiesiam August 10, 2010
The action of placing your open hand on someones face and yelling 'Starfish!'
Used to annoy or when the conversation has dropped/ become boring.
Sarah...STARFISH!!! *thunk* :D
Alex: gahwhatthehell?!?
by Klepto_Koala June 22, 2010
A skiing/rollerblading trick where the rider goes off of a jump and then spreads his/her arms and legs out in the shape of a starfish. Can be done in many varieties such as- Frontside Starfish, Backside Starfish, 360 starfish, backflip starfish etc.
mike: HOLY SHIT that dude just cab 5 starfished that jump
stuart: thats nothin. i can starfish the wake on my waterskis
by Tahoe Bob February 09, 2008
When an individual places his or her palm on another's face (like a basketball), in an attempt to push them away.
This ugly girl tried to kiss me so I starfished her.
by Ryan Waechter-Kendle January 20, 2008
A person who is an asshole but particularly if the feature that makes them an asshole causes you to be annoyed or inconvienanced.
Police officers are incredible starfish.

People who don't use turn signals are starfish.
by Big Sir 44 April 11, 2010
the anus of a house cat
Kitty! stop licking your starfish!
by sK8Er KiD June 11, 2007
when 5 males jizz all over their woman while on the beach. after the jizzing fest, she rolls around in the sand like a churro. they then loogie on her tits and lick her ass clean.
by majesticlandfill May 30, 2010

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