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To respond to one with a noteworthy quote from Patrick Star, a prominent character in the popular TV show Spongebob. Typically the quote is illogical or absurd for the situation. The quoter may then say "Starfished" after the quote to reveal his/her intentions.
Mcdonald's Employee: *Answers Phone*
Customer: Hi is this Mcdonalds?
Employee: No this is Patrick. *Starfished*

Music Teacher: Does everyone have their instruments?
Student: Is Mayonnaise an instrument? *Starfished*

Kevin: Josh you look terrible, whats wrong man?
Josh: I can't see my forehead. *Starfished*

Captain of a Boat: These shores are those of the United states! First Mate! I said we we're supposed to travel East!
First Mate: East? I thought you said weast!

John: Are you squidward?
Jack : *Stares confusedly at John*
John: That's okay take your time. *Starfished*
by FlacidTurTur February 20, 2014
A combination of starving and famished often used by children who cant pronounce the seperate words.
Little Johnny said "Mummy when is dinner im starfished!"
by ryza77 April 24, 2007
This was originated in the north east england, more specificly middlesbrough, back in the 1990's. the art of doing this foul move, involves the predator eyeing up his victim who is sleeping, then makes his move,only in stealth, one wrong move cud cost him his life, he observes his victim and waits to make the kill, patience is of the essence here,a good fisherman knows wen to go in for the kill, the victim opens his mouth in the sleep and the predator is in there like a shot, pants down...arse on his face wiv his balls...phwoar the adrenaline
"i left a cheesy shitty smell on your face whilst you were sleeping after my wonderful starfish"

"my face has a strong smell of shit and cheese after that cunt starfished me"
by Andy Gray May 06, 2004

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