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When an individual, who is too fatigued to engage in sexual activity themselves, lay spread out on the bed for their partner.

The term "Starfish" comes from the shape that the individual makes when they spread out.
"She was full starfishing for me last night...I full doodled her good!"
by Fosterb February 09, 2007
Starfishing- The act of two people spreading their butt cheeks apart and touching and/or rubbing each other's assholes together.

Yes, it is a thing. Some people will state that this isn't possible. That only means that they have tried it.
"Elaine and I tried something new last night. We were starfishing for at least an hour."
by Me Cow May 18, 2014
When an individual is too intoxicated or tired to participate in intercourse with their partner they simply lay on their back outstretched to resemble the same shape as a starfish and let their partner do all the work.
dude I was so hammered last night when I got home I just ended up starfishing it with the girlfriend.
by Goochy20 September 21, 2010
The act of sprawling out in bed, taking up as much space as possible, immediately upon the departure of your significant other, fuck buddy, or one night stand.
Man, these single dorm beds are so small, I couldn't wait for him to stop spooning and leave in the morning so I could start starfishing.
by Little Buck May 14, 2009
When your significant other is mentally willing but not as physically enthused to perform the act(s) of love and does so anyway in a passive mode.

** Position **
Usually missionary, but hey, maybe you guys want to watch TV together too...

While a deal-breaker in the new phase of a relationship, StarFishing is an acceptable mitzvah for the married partner. It's also an opportunity, thru proper application of experience and technique to elevate the session to another level. See fuckortunity
I'm exhausted, but he's so cute and such a great guy I'm pretty sure I'll be StarFishing tonight. Hey, I'll even put my arms around him! Like newlyweds!
by EnergyStarMittens November 25, 2014
The act of full hand fisting the vagina then opening the hand while it is inserted.
I was paralysed from Starfishing too much.
by Infernape21 November 22, 2015
1. To spread out and occupy space in a manner that resembles a starfish.

2. To beat claustrophobia by spreading out ones limbs. Often interfering with the personal space of others.

3. To be free to create and explore without boundaries.
"Baby don't keep starfishing me out."

"I can't work in this tight space. I gotta starfish."

"I need a bigger bed to accomodate my starfishing."

"Don't cuddle with me, I'm starfishing."
by kdcart July 08, 2015
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