Someone's asshole.
Dude, you should have seen what my starfish gave me.

Man, I have been in that bathroom all morning long, my starfish was not going to open up.

Oh man, I finally got some starfish action last night.

Oh Man, this bar is for picking up starfishs......(another gay bar)

Oh no i finally did it, my starfish broken..
by MoonRider November 28, 2010
A gang bang when a girl is on top of a guy and has his dick in her vaj, another guy's dick in her ass, giving a third guy a blow job and two others hand jobs.
Whoa, dude, Sarah gave me, Johhny, Mike, Ken and Luke such an epic starfish last night.
by Hornayy February 13, 2009
An exceptionally lazy bottom (in reference to gay sex) One whose lays splayed out on his back and doesnt move during the entire act. Think visual representation
That XXXX is such a starfish.
by atlken77 November 21, 2007
where a guy fingers a girl. but instead of using 2 or 3 fingers, he inserts his whole fist into the vagina and once his fist is in the guy spreads his fingers as though in a 'starfish' motion inside the vagina.
me and stewie tried starfish the other night but i was too tight.

jenny is loose enough to do starfish!

i wish aaron would gimme starfish

by ansh69 September 02, 2007
A dance move where one sits down and extends all four limbs to the beat.
Amy taught the group the starfish while sitting in her lawn chair.
by samiesiam August 10, 2010
The action of placing your open hand on someones face and yelling 'Starfish!'
Used to annoy or when the conversation has dropped/ become boring.
Sarah...STARFISH!!! *thunk* :D
Alex: gahwhatthehell?!?
by Klepto_Koala June 22, 2010
when a person sticks their fist into a vagina and opens their hand spreading the fingers apart
i stuck my hand up this hoes pussy and she was so loose i gave her a starfish
by give me five August 12, 2008

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