A reference to a tight, virgin anus. Many people have wasted their lives hunting for the perfect "Starfish".
"I was about to stick it in, but then I saw her starfish peeking up at me. I made a split-second decision."

by K-N@$tee March 08, 2016
Referring to one's anus...due to the resemblance.
In prison ,the corrections officer told me and my celly to grab our ass cheeks and cough,I asked ,does it look like a starfish back there boss? !
by UNITED WRIOT February 01, 2016
A sexual partner who is unresponsive to sex, this is not the same as rape. Essentially a lazy ass in the sack. Probably has a tiny penis.
"Who'd you lay last night?"


"Really? What was that like?"

"He was a total starfish, he didn't move at all, plus he had such a small penis I couldn't even feel it inside of me."
by monstars22 January 24, 2012
The act of spreading out so that no body parts are touching because you ate too much.
OMG... I ate so much I can barely move! I'm going to go starfish now.
by TheDriftingDaisy April 20, 2015
The act of shoving your whole fist into a womans vagina and spreading you fingers out like a starfish.
Girl: Starfish me babe.
Man: oh I will.
Girl: oh fuck it feels so good.
by Arc Hunter April 03, 2015
To lay in bed in the form of a starfish taking up each corner of the bed. Commonly done by single girls.
I starfishes the shit out of my bed last night.
by Starfish if October 14, 2014
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