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The act of placing five fingers strategically on someones back in such a way it arouses them.
That starfish was so arousing!
by Andrea E September 07, 2007
5 34
A sexual position involving 5 guys and 1 girl. One guy inserts his dick into the girls vag, another guy inserts his dick into the girls ass, the 3rd guy inserts his dick into the girls mouth, and the last two guys get handjobs from the same girl.
Lucy was so drunk last night that we pulled a starfish on her
by mclovin696969696969696695 February 03, 2010
92 131
when the partner of a woman has a hand inserted into either her rectum or vagina, then the hand is opened to form a starfish
by Gigs October 22, 2003
21 76
fucken bad cunt that lies there like a starfish while his gf roots the shit out of him
i starfish'd it today and my gf rode me like a bull
by solbaidisahugenerd July 16, 2006
9 67
One who has been knocked out
Rider was lying in the starfish position after being knocked out
by Mark April 20, 2004
9 69
where One girl has sex with Four guys at one time, one having oral sex, two hand jobs, and one having sex in her vagina
Hey boys, want to come back to my place for a little starfish fun??
by Emma-tha-Whore October 16, 2003
26 86