Retarded, brain-dead, end users.
AKA BDU's (Brain dead users).

Named so because starfish have no brain and only one orifice.
This starfish on the phone just asked me where the 'any' key is.
by VIPERsssss January 19, 2005
A stupid fish that has seen Big Brother and now thinks its a bloody star.
Example: Can that fish sing? No! Can it dance? No! Can it tell jokes? No! It thinks its a bloody Starfish.
by Peter Glum September 09, 2007
During sex, a person who lays face down, legs and arms spread (like a starfish) and takes it from behind, not moving, making no noise, exerting no effort, and leaving all the work up to the other person. Usually the starfish is gay and a total bottom who cares little about who is fucking them, instead just wanting to take it like a bitch from behind.
That guy I picked up last night was the worst lay ever; he was a total starfish.
by ozoutofwater November 14, 2007
(v) A female with five guys position their fallacies five strategic locations. One in the mouth. One in the vagina. On in the anus and one in each hand. If the hands get tired, they are then moved into the ear, which is termed the Modified Starfish.

I got starfished this weekend. My arms got tired, so we needed to switch to modified starfish.

Does it make me gay if I help starfish a girl this past weekend? I wan't even drunk.
by P Devlin March 11, 2008
The act of placing five fingers strategically on someones back in such a way it arouses them.
That starfish was so arousing!
by Andrea E September 07, 2007
A sexual position involving 5 guys and 1 girl. One guy inserts his dick into the girls vag, another guy inserts his dick into the girls ass, the 3rd guy inserts his dick into the girls mouth, and the last two guys get handjobs from the same girl.
Lucy was so drunk last night that we pulled a starfish on her
by mclovin696969696969696695 February 03, 2010
when the partner of a woman has a hand inserted into either her rectum or vagina, then the hand is opened to form a starfish
by Gigs October 22, 2003

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