Stars are the things that you see in the night. They glow. They are in space. You can't touch them.
Wow, looks like there's no clouds tonight. It'll be great to look at the stars
by RavenMoon May 28, 2016
Something in the sky

A person who's going to be on TV a lot and will eventually get fucked up.
"Wow! That's a bright star!"
"Ke$ha had an OD. She is a bad music star...."
by The16fire June 15, 2016
A fuck nigga that nigga stank but he fresh tho so.. Yeah. Its a star a shooting star
That nigga ugly asf y u like him he a fuck nigga I like star
by newnew123 June 30, 2016
stars are in the sky. birds also fly in the sky and a girl can be called a bird. so stars are girls.
wow that star is so hot
by fruity innuendo solutions September 04, 2015
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