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1) go outside
-look up

2) the only thing know to science that has been made more beautiful by pollution
That's the sky?
Yep. Up.
That's one nice sky.
Yep, nice.
by Harsh_but_Fair October 07, 2004
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The occasionally blue thing above your head that can't be touched no matter how hard you try.
Me: "Damn. Missed it again..."

by admiralcrunch January 02, 2009
A REALLY gorgeous/HOT girl with an amazing ass who is often intellegent, talented, athletic, stylish, AND has an awsome personality, but never seems to have a boyfriend because there are'nt any guys whom have the balls to ask her out (me included). Although, however alone her love life maybe, it's ok because she DGAFs when it comes to romance, which only makes her more intimidating.
Steve: Hey u know that really smart/hot/nice girl over there?
Bill: "yeah, i'd hella tap dat ass"
Steve: "Me tooo, She's such a Sky."
Bill: "you should git on that bro"
Steve: "I wish man, but i don't have the nads"
by steveirweener April 28, 2011
the most amazing girl you can ever meet. She's nice, funny, undeniable, and caring. A great lover and friend. will put a smile in your face and make you laugh until you pee.
”Sky is the most amazing girl i have ever met, i'll take a bullet for her”
by Anonymous ~ October 31, 2010
a Gangja Smokers Favorite place to trip at night. Just stare up,and the world is perfect who cares about snakes in the grass,and spiders,You have MaryJane :D
Dude Blaze that shit up,and send it my way before the sun comes up,we have to stare at the sky.
by Mr.Ganja August 09, 2009
An oppressive blue mass.
"Gaah, the sky is so so opressive and blue!"
- My sister mimicking my whining mother.
by Kr1574 July 20, 2008
(pronounced skeez) a suffix used to create a better sense of excitement or emotion in certain words.
"Alright I'm doneskies!"
"I'll talk to you later. Kaybyeskies."
"Ah! You're a choafskies!"
"Talk to you laterskies."
"Mmm! This stuff is goodskies!"
by choafoso February 23, 2009

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