A classy, old, smart, experienced lady who is admired by her Brat friend.
Stars is the best person in the world
by Brat May 31, 2003
an object not recommended for swallowing on a dare.... it gets stuck halfway down and hurts like a bitch
"fucking hell that stupid fucking star hurts so fucking bad!"
"well u shouldnt have swallowed it then!"
by smiley June 04, 2003
a crash of light and energy into one cosmic being, or my baby "xing-xing"
Look at the stars!
by xin July 07, 2003
Slang term for this females name, lives with her head in the clouds, but like any other ho...she will do anything for money she works at the gas station legally (and illegally) conducting business.
Yo nigga, you seen that bitch Starre lately?
by U Kno What It Is December 20, 2008
The folds and creases that make up the surrounding area of the sphincter (resembling a shining star)
I'm allergic to cats. Keep the kitty cat off me or I'll feed it to my snake or stick a firecracker in its star.
by Suicide King April 02, 2004
Stripper that loves to sleep with old men for a small price to be disscused in the VIP room. A Dancer who never showers yet bathes in the essence of body odor and cow pies. To be a "star" your breast must hang to your knees and your gut must drag the floor.
dude that nast chick must be a star at the local gentlemans club!
by BigC32001 February 03, 2010
weed or marijuana

Originated from people wanting to talk about doing something illegal or thinking about it, but really make it sound like your talking about something else. All terms related have to do with Space objects

Also see - Starshoot, stargazing, comet, and jupy
"Man i need to some star"
by Tyler April 24, 2004
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