Fuck. Just a way of toning down a word.
Star me Kitten - R.E.M.
Star Star - Rolling Stones
by BBBS January 31, 2007
A big shiny thing in the sky... usually made up of gases such as methane (farts)
Whoa...dude...check out the stars in the sky!
by Patrik March 20, 2005
a beanch who wears necklaces and plastic surgery and make-up and titimplants and gets cm's (computer modified ha, ha) pictures of herself/himself to convince poor anorexic girlies to kill themselves.
fortunately i've never had a problem with them cept that i like some of them okay oop
eminem, my GASH ITTH EMINEM HIDE YOUR WALLETTH COTH HE'TH COMIN UP QWICK! *duck down* oh my fuckin god go TALK to him
whaAWT no WAY what if he thinks im stupid
well im pretty sure he doesnt give one single fuck about you, even if you gave him one.
oh. better go talk to him then
by Cim April 08, 2003
a girl that knows how to give great head. she also gets with men named will or john, that is because those are assholes that cheat on their girlfriends. star is kick ass but likes to eat poop nobody wants to makeout with a star because of what she eats. usually stinky
"damn you see a star walk past you?" "damn that bitch was stanky"
by sttankeygurl12 June 12, 2009
Someone who is of unknown sex. Someone who needs all the attention of internet forums, even shells out hard earned cash to gain attention. Someone who posts even when their whole town has been demolished by a hurricane.
That bitch at ebaums needs a hurricane to wipe her off this earth. That bitch has psychological problems!
by Deltron September 23, 2004

a cult
anyone with that refersa to THE STAR is talking about the cult
by ZAK STAR March 23, 2005
The plural of star.
I'm a star!
So am I!
We're stars!
by a pseudonym July 01, 2004

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